We make games that empower and encourage. Games that persuade a child that math is cool, teach middle school kids to rethink science misconceptions, or train adults to be aware of cognitive bias affecting their decision making. Even more exciting, games that literally improve the way we think, write, retain memory, and build new habits.


Our mission: to harness the power of games to educate, transform, and change minds.

Spotlight Product: Fiscal Ship

2016’s The Fiscal Ship is a new non-partisan game that puts you in control of the federal budget. Your mission: To choose the tax and spending options that reduce debt over the next 25 years, putting the country on a sustainable course.


Budget decisions aren’t only about fiscal sustainability -- they also shape the kind of country we live in. To win the game, you must find a combination of policies that address the debt while meeting your chosen ideological values.

1st Playable worked with the Hutchins Center at Brookings and the Serious Games Initiative at the Woodrow Wilson Center to develop and implement a design that brings this complex topic to players across a wide demographic -- the American people. To accomplish this we used rapid prototyping and iterative design practices with focused testing to inform gameplay decisions. The Fiscal Ship is playable within PC, Mac, and mobile browsers using HTML5, and integrates AWS and Google services. It is driven by a custom Content Management System (CMS) allowing field experts to create and adjust the game’s content.


Learn more at fiscalship.org