We make games that empower and encourage. Games that persuade a child that math is cool, teach middle school kids to rethink science misconceptions, or train adults to be aware of cognitive bias affecting their decision making. Even more exciting, games that literally improve the way we think, write, retain memory, and build new habits.


Our mission: to harness the power of games to educate, transform, and change minds.

Spotlight Product: CYCLES

CYCLES wins the Gold!  This ambitious training game set funded by IARPA tackled one of the most challenging topics affecting decision makers: cognitive bias. The CYCLES training is proven (and independently verified) to improve users' decision making across a range of events from data analysis to shopping -- all in less than an hour!

This project includes full factor experimental design comparing the impact of game design features and establishing the games' efficacy versus video training. The final product targets a variety of distribution paths for ease of government use, forgoing the need for server availability, network connectivity, and local saves. And bonus - there's a tablet version available!


Learn more at http://www.1stplayable.com/cycles/