Barbie™ Design & Style

Encouraging fashion entrepreneurial spirit in Barbie fans, this game focuses on customization of player patterns and designs. Players can design an infinite number of looks to Barbie's accessories with the ability to draw and photograph their own textures, incorporating them as the trendiest new fabric patterns

For Barbie Design and Style we wanted to  have players creating their own designs using a paint interface which saved onto the Leapfrog system as files. These files could be accessed in the accessoriy customization screen which painted them onto different layers of the item they had chosen. Once the player had completed their fashion accessory they could be saved and then used as stickers to decorate Barbie and her friends. 

In addition to the tech we delveoped for specific use on the app we also implemented microphone and camera features so that players could utilize all of the exciting features on the device with their favorite characters.