Style Lab Jewelry Design

This was one of the early DSi titles and featured use of the DSi camera to allow players to try on their jewelry creations. Style Lab: Jewelry Design had players running their very own jewelry boutique assembling bracelets, necklaces and earrings to fill customers requests. 

A large aspect of the development of the game was insuring that the designs the player created would be possible to fulfill as a physical product. We travelled to a small independant bead company to get an  understanding of their process and what types of materials we could use in our game. Because our game was marketted to children, we had to insure that none of the beads modeled in the game were based on items that contained lead., which would not have been possible to fulfiill. 

Our in-game assets utilized photographs of the real-life assets which were optimized for gameplay, and the different templates players used to create their pieces had to be approved by the fulfillement company to insure the product would appear as expected..